Youtube's Noah Lot?

Asking for a friend.

"In the beginning was the word...."

Every single one.

Is a sword not forged with Metal?

Do sheep not eat grain made from Korn?

Christ turned the tables long before this MC, but sometimes he let's me reverse the spin on the record, and for the records sake, religion is a belief, Christ is "the truth".

It's like P.E. for the Head.

Imagine that.

"Our Father who art in Heaven" where "art" is a verb. Why? Well.... "The word of God is active and alive" IN US "which effectually works through you who believe" because Art comes from the heART and from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks because "Our Father who ART in Heaven" is the Lord of Hosts you little electrons.

Got ART-ist's?

Not once they discover the truth you don't.

Why do we call them "Stars"?

Why indeed.

What would the Earth be like without art eh?

Remember, my Father uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, and....

My Father can make a jackass speak.

Geeze, I wonder what part of my Father is not mocked don't they understand?

Word. :)

My Father is of "sound mind".

What is the most important thing to anyone of sound mind?

"The Truth"?

Imagine that.

"Know ye not that I am in the Father and the Father in me?......."

He is what He is,


and he will be whom he will be for he is the Lord of Hosts.


My Father said to tell you that.....

"I AM"

sent me.

Imagine that.

We are made in his image.

How does all life begin?

As a cell?

We are proof that He is, it is a self evident truth.

"In my Father's house are many mansions....."

What does a prisoner reside in?

A cell?

How does a neuron fire off?

In the twinkling of an eye?

"The truth shall set you free."

How's that for a Big Bang Theory?


Imagine that too.


How can one accept the microcosm without acknowledging the macrocosm?


"Be not afraid"

In other words....

Don't be a coward.

Imagine that.

If they tell you I am a "truther", you better believe it, and for the records sake, conspiracy is not a matter of theory, it is however a matter of historical fact.

In regards to our physics, the very reality we exist in, there is and can only be one truth. As for the struggle for "the truth", if one chooses not to choose one has still made a choice, and the fate of those who have chosen to remain lukewarm has long been written.

Heads up.

A satan is an adversary of the truth, a Satan is a chief deceiver, to be deceived denotes deception and deception takes place in the mind....

There is a war in my head, but no worries, It was written. I'll win. :)

"And there was war in Heaven...."

I'm bi-polar, I use both halves of my brain.

Don't believe God has a Son?


How can one become God's son if one does not believe God has a son?

"And the Sons of God looked upon the daughters of men......."


How many wives do you have again?

What kind of man would even want 72 virgins?

What kind indeed..

Man, that's wild.

Like weeds.

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son."

While there is only one "begotten" Son, does one actually think Heaven is empty?


Guess some of these fools think I'm a fairy tale too.... Woe unto you who do.

"Anyone who is an enemy of Gabriel and Michael is an enemy of God."

My Father hears and sees your Jihad, and raises one

Ark / Arch / Arc

I slam Islam.

You will submit to the truth.

I don't know what's worse, not believing in God's Son, or taking his sacrifice for granted.

"Faith without works is dead"

Got oil?

It's kind of hard to see the light with no oil in your lamp eh?

"Call no one upon the Earth 'Father' for you have but one Father who art in Heaven."

Adios Pappy.

Our entire universe is but one brain cell of the Father.

Fried a few of those in my day!

My Father is fair and just.

How does a cell divide?


"two in a field"

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction eh.

As for these so called "illuminated" ones, my Father is true to his word, O how you will glow,

for he is an all consuming fire and that's no Bull.

Welcome to the party, the "Supper of the great God".

Enjoy the barbeque.

Hope you like your ribs blackened.

Thanks ahead of time for the fuel, should be a real blast.

mmmm, fried fish!

When one consumes food does the body not keep the good and discard the bad?

What kind of product is received during a harvest?

What happens to the bad product?

Seriously, who wants to be a piece of shit metaphysically speaking?

Some food for thought to say the least.

My Father's wrath is flawless, all he has to do is forget about you.

Is Ra El?

I think not.

"I am aware of those who call themselves Jews but do lie"

I.C.U. Nazi Bitches.

Hope you little cock suckers like your wiener's grilled.

Reap what you sow.

My Father told you not to hide his keys.

Now that's what I call string theory!

Hey Beelzebub, I remember too,

You didn't build that hypocrite.

So lawless one, how do you plan on coming back from a lake of fire?


"He who walks in the dark does not know where they are going."

Now let's put some oil in those lamps, it's almost time for us Holy Rollers to go up in smoke and blow this joint.

Feed the Sheep.

Not that us head bangers would know anything about banging heads or shouting.

shhhhh. Be vewy, vewy, quiet. I'm hunting wabbits.

Thou shall not use my Father's name in vain..

Angels don't play that H.A.A.R.P.

Pricks should have listened.

Thanks Emmanuel, you rock.


Thank you for visiting.

And remember, one can not have a testimony without the test.

Stay tuned!

Gotta fly, I'm going fishing, catchya later.

I wonder if some of these little fish will swallow a Sandy Hook?

Don't miss "the boat" ya heard / herd

pun intended.

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El Shaddai





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Preliminary report:

Dear Father, thank you for sending your Son to keep us straight, and for your patience with me while I complete my little book. I have sounded the trumpets(ABCDEFG) and beat the drum(silence in Heaven) as you commanded, however, I have to testify that most of these sheep are fast asleep. They are so vain Father, true hypocrites and self righteous lovers of themselves. Most have no love for the truth, they only care about saving their own sorry hides. Most take your Son's sacrifice for granted with no thanks to a multitude of fake preachers and false prophets of whom, with beams still lodged in their own eyes, are pimping your Son's sacrifice. They are fleecing the herd. These false teachers claim to be "born again" yet they do not have eyes to see and ears to hear in the spirit. They blatantly blaspheme the Holy Ghost and deceive your children into doing the same all the while continuing to prey on their ignorance of the truth. It is truly mind blowing how they claim to know Christ yet they do not know the truth for surely if they knew the truth they would know you. How does one claim to know Christ if one does not know "the truth"? True hypocrites. These hypocrites proudly proclaim to me how they are tithed and are so giving, how they go to church every week yet have no oil in their lamps, boasting of their own works, yet they refuse to take up their own cross, they refuse to put "the truth" first. Most will dedicate 40-80 hours in a given week to serving the almighty dollar, yet will hardly give the truth an hour a week for the whole of their lives. They even use your Son's sacrifice, your grace, to justify their gross complacency. As you know, I have personally had people literally scream at me things like "I don't have time for conspiracy theories, I have to work for a living", like I don't, or "I believe in Christ and that is good enough for me". Sigh. I respond to them by saying... "If you believe in Christ, then why don't you listen?" I guess some aren't to worried about being found worthy. Sigh. The hypocrites proclaim... "We are not appointed to wrath" and I'm like... "So now that's for you to decide eh?" They fail to understand that a testimony is of no use if one does not set their heart and mind to understand it. They fail to understand that if they simply believe in your Son they are guaranteed eternal life alright, "Some to everlasting life, and some to everlasting shame and contempt". I guess the problem is reading comprehension, or the simple fact that most of the "hypocrites" don't actually take up their own cross, they rely on the pastor to do it for them. I know that I personally don't want to wear a scarlet letter saying that I'm a complacent lazy sheep who took Christ's sacrifice for granted for eternity, but then I can only speak for myself in that regard, freewill and all. I will keep feeding them as you command as long as you permit me to do so. They do kinda grow on ya a little. :) Thankfully, I can testify that I have found a few who do put the truth above their own selfish wants and desires, their very own well being in some cases, along with a handful of pastors actually seeking the truth and not change in a basket to pay the rent.. I have included them in my journal. Father, I have caught Satan red handed by way of his little synagogue and his scribes trying to pervert your word. In short, he is bearing false witness against you Father and leading the sheep astray. If I'm not mistaken, that is a breach of contract. He has long infiltrated the Churches and openly mocks your Son by way of his own fallen artist's. They masquerade as holy and true while tickling the ears of the complacent, pacifying them so long as they remain ignorant, so that, like heathen, their worship is in vain. He is poisoning the hearts, minds, bodies and consequently the souls of the little children of my nation. He has your children completely out of tune, much like salt with no flavor. He is deceiving them into forsaking your laws. A vast majority have been deceived into worshiping Mauzzim. Many are claiming to be me via some new age galactic federation bullshit as well. Some are even kissing rocks, pecking at walls, playing with dead men's bones, worshiping owls, killing children on top of pyramids, and erecting concrete dicks and shit. Please have mercy on the little children of my nation Father, for they have been wickedly deceived. My nation has been usurped by a satan. He kept not his first estate, but has come in his own contrived name with all manner of lies and evil craft, deceiving the sheep in the pasture which you have appointed to me at this time. Please open the children's eyes and ears so that they may see and hear you in the spirit of truth Father. So that they may discern between the pleasant sounding ear tickling works of Satan's harp and the true spirit of the Holy Ghost. So that they may know that Satan desires nothing more than for them to remain complacent and ignorant of the truth that your Son died to teach them. As I know full well, that you know all, I am simply sharing this plea for the benefit of your children as commanded, and so that I may ask a favor with all humility. I am tired of wrestling with this hypocritical accuser Father for it is he and his minions whom have sown the discord in my nations childrens' minds and hearts in the first place, yet he himself has broken your commandments from the beginning. I am aware that those who would be deceived deserved to be deceived, but as Satan's minions have conspired at this time to pervert the only guide your children have here on earth, as the pens of the scribes are lying, as the churches are being infiltrated and prostituted, I am humbly asking for a trump.

I am ready to testify before the Heavenly court Father, I am however, going to need two witness's.

Thanks again, your humble, willing servant,


Hey America, here's a thought......


I know,

I'm a tool,

at least I know.

Maybe someday I'll be perfect like you.

Just teasing.

Got Arch?

Maybe one should look up.....

the Word.

It is my hope and prayer that some find comfort in this messege,

I just wouldn't get to comfortable.

"The acme of skill is to defeat ones enemy without a conflict."

The best way to defeat a liar, is with "the truth".

But what do I know anyway, I'm just a delivery boy.

Messege delivered.

Maybe these sheep are deaf....

Do I really have to shout and bang some heads?

Maybe I should go postal.....


I better go powder first.


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